Relationship Advice Line Questions with Answers

Relationship Advice Line Questions with Answers

Here are some of the questions sent to our Relationship Advice Line Consultants and their answers.  Please click on the question to read it and the answer.

If you have concerns of potential abuse, please read this material on abusive relationships

Relationship Advice:

Bring Back Lost Love
Save my Marriage
Love Compatibility
Is There Any Hope
Self-esteem and Dating
Dealing With Loss
Communication While Arguing
Insecure Wife
I want a child together
Online Dating Problems
Family Problems
Does he still have feelings for ex
My self esteem and Husband
Pregnant and Husband is Distant
Future Step Dad
Am I putting a lot of strain on my sister
Counselor is my husband’s friend
I’ve made mistakes.
Marriage and Sex
New Stepmother – Help
Housework and better relationships
I think I am in

My wife and I are having a great deal of communication problems.
Is this relationship worth pursuing?
I don’t like my fiancée’s child
I need love all the time not just in the bedroom.
How much more should I take?
How can I trust my wife again?
I don’t think my boyfriend should discipline my daughter!
How can I tell her that it is over?
Should I follow my parents beliefs or my boyfriends beliefs?
Should I call my depressed girlfriend?
He doesn’t want children and I do.
Is an abusive relationship better than no relationship at all?
I don’t have any friends.
What do you think of one way love?
How do I feel better about myself?
Did I do the right thing in breaking up with my girlfriend?
I’m afraid of losing our friendship.
I want my boyfriend back!

We’ve been arguing a lot and both feel insecure.
Should I have a baby for the relationship?
I had sex too soon and now regret it.
Are we matched well?
My boyfriend has had too many sex partners.
I fear my husband doesn’t love me anymore.
I have a fear of being hurt.
My girlfriend is depressed and doesn’t want to date.
How do I attract the girls.
My girlfriend wants to date other guys.
I want to get married but I’m afraid of divorce.
My girlfriend spends more time with her friends than me.
My husband is too controlling.