Relationship Quizzes

Each Relationship Quiz is Written by Relationship Consultants

Some of these quizzes are Challenging and Sometimes humorous, and they are Always instructive and insightful.
Enjoy them with an open mind and heart.

Here’s your chance to see how your relationships and relationship skills stack up. 

Each relationship quiz gives you the chance to explore an important aspect of your relationship and interpersonal skills. Try a relationship quiz and read the results.  Every quiz includes a discussion of the answers.


Listening Skills Rating How well do you listen?
How about your partner?
Better communication = better relationships
Communicating Assessment Questionnaire Understand your beliefs and expectations about communicating.  Insights for improvement.
Fighting Fair Evaluation

Do you fight fair?
Evaluate your arguments & learn how to do better.

Relationship Dynamics Scale How “good” is your relationship?
Connect to ways to make it better.
The Love Quiz Ten questions on the path
to understanding love.
The love quiz
Are you Compatible? This is a powerful tool to help you evaluate your areas of common interest and to explore the differences so you may revitalize your relationship.
What’s Your Romance Temperature? A fun and insightful ten-question romantic relationship quiz to help you put some more spice into your romantic relationships.
Are you HOT, WARM, or COOL?
Body Language Awareness Quiz How aware are you of your body language and that of others?  What is your score?
Money Compatibility Quiz How well do you and your partner agree on the critical issue of money?  It can tear relationships apart.
Risk of Divorce Quiz NEW Evaluate your relationship with 13 Divorce Risk Factors that have been shown to indicate a higher risk of divorce.Use the quiz to make better decisions about an existing or possible marriage. Don’t settle.
Which Relationship Color are You?
NEW Different personalities have different relationship styles.  To learn how to recognize your style as well as those of people you know, take the following short quiz.     
Decision Making Quiz NEW Are you shaping the events in your life, or are the events shaping you?  Take this five question quiz to find out.
Which Communication Season Are You:  Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring?
Read the following descriptions to find out which season best fits your communication style, or that of someone you know.


These relationship quizzes are designed to help you get a better understanding of love, communication, and how you relate to each other.  They are a great place to start when you want to know what you can do to create a happy loving relationship.  Each relationship quiz can give you insights into yourself and your relationships.

Love is easier than living together and solving problems together.  We just aren’t taught well how to handle the differences that we inevitably find when we become intimate with someone.  Problems are a natural result of intimacy and solutions are often the result of commitment, communication, problem solving, and hard work.  This site has many resources and links to help you build love and happiness.