Rekindle Romance

Rekindle Romance

Ignite those fires. “Love” is a verb.  It’s not a state of being in “love.”  Taking action, making love with your mind and soul and not just your body will keep your love alive.

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to rekindle romance or say “I love you.”
In fact, those three words are the most powerful in the romantic vocabulary.  Try it.   Here are fifteen tips for you to rekindle romance and have Valentine’s Day all year long.

  1. Start by just holding hands. Hold hands every

     time you are together. All of us need more touching and holding hands is a wonderful way to show our partners we love them.

  2. Write love notes to one another, even if it’s just the words “I love you.” Leave them where your partner will find them during the day.

  3. Reminisce about the days of your early courtship and why you fell in love with each other. Go through your mementos. Use this opportunity to reconnect.

  4. Leave a love message or compliment on the home answering machine or on voice mail at work for your loved one.

  5. Pamper your partner with a hand, foot, back, or neck massage.

  6. Compliment your mate often. Tell them all the things you love and appreciate about them.

  7. Do a “random act of kindness” for your partner. Surprise them with something that they’ll never expect but will greatly appreciate. It can be extra special if it is something that you did while you were dating.

  8. Share a romantic meal. Prepare it together. Put candles on the table. Dress up as though on a date. Play your favorite music. Unplug the phone and enjoy each other.

  9. Exchange lists with each other of at least four things that you respect and admire about your partner.

  10. Share your dreams for the future and really listen to each other. Laugh, love, learn and grow together.

  11. Spend the day together. Play and have fun. Go for a walk and talk. Do what you both enjoy. If you have children, make arrangements with family or friends to watch them. Offer to do the same for them in trade.

  12. Give your partner a written promise for 4 hours of your time that they can spend as they wish in the future.

  13. Give your partner the day off. Do your partner’s chores for the day. Let them do what they want to do for the whole day.

  14. Do a project together. Consider volunteer work or even a household project. The key is to accomplish a goal as a couple.

Use any of the above  ideas as examples to create your own acts of love each day.   You will be amazed at what you can come up with and enjoy together. 

Love must be given away to be received.

While Valentine’s candy, red roses, and cards are nice, the greatest gifts of love are those that come from the heart. Down deep we all truly want to connect with our loved ones in ways that assure us of that love and appreciate us for who we are. It’s these connections that nurture and create lasting love that can be shared with the world in a positive way.

Please see the article on Forgive and Go Free.  It is very difficult to rekindle romance if you are carrying around anger, frustration, and disappointment.  Learn to forgive yourself and forgive others and set yourself free then you will be more willing and able to rekindle romance.

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