Priceless Life Lessons

Priceless Life Lessons: Reinventing Your Life
Insights for creating a better life

An enlightening, inspiring, and life changing new e-book that provides insights for creating a better life.

Our new Life Lessons e-book provides insights and shortcuts to creating a happier, prosperous and more fulfilling life.  It can save years of unhappiness and self destruction.  These life lessons provides a guiding light for those who are interested in creating a happier life and more satisfying relationships

“Priceless Life Lessons”

 Shortcuts and insights that can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. Learn what really matters
for happiness, self fulfillment, wealth and prosperity.

If you are looking to change your life for the better then this book is for you.  You will start seeing positive and rewarding changes immediately once you have put to use the knowledge that is provided in these life lessons.

This e-book will save the reader many years of life struggles and disappointments.
It is life altering information that can change things for the better to all that read and put to practice the lessons presented.

Learn how to create more happiness in your life immediately. There are lessons for anyone looking to improve their lives
in one way or another. These life lessons provide insight and shortcuts to getting the life you really want
and with small changes in your thinking and your words you can create miracles in your life.
There are a few books in this world that provide life altering information and this is one of them.
We want you to benefit from all of our life lessons and improve your live anyway you wish.

 You will Learn:

  •     Shortcuts to Life lessons without paying a high a price (lesson 1)
  •     The secrets of true wealth
  •     How to bring more positive and helpful people into your life (lesson 3)
  •     What it takes to mend a broken heart
  •     How to reduce stress and increase satisfaction (lesson 17)
  •     What it takes to like yourself and nurture your own self esteem
  •     The meaning of love and how to know when it’s real (lesson 31)
  •     How to become wealthy on almost any income (lesson 2)
  •     The true value of dreams and aspirations – why some aspirations can propel you forward yet others can hold you back (lesson 6)
  •     What really matters in life
  •     How to find joy (lesson 13)
  •     How to make a positive difference in your own life and others
  •     How to create success

Every lesson gets right to the point while providing enough information for you learn and take action.
The allegorical stories are composite derivations from real life.

Learn the shortcuts on

  • How to enhance your life starting today
  • How to create more wealth and prosperity
  • How to create a happier and more fulfilling life
  • How to keep from repeating the same mistakes
  • How to become a better you 

Priceless Life Lessons provides insights for creating a better life and makes it possible for you to take charge of your life starting today and to create the life and happiness you deserve.

My wife and co-author Catherine shortly before we met 24 years ago had started our search for knowledge and meaning in life.  We worked on rebuilding shattered self-esteem from some of our past life experiences and worked on discovering who we really were.  There were many lessons presented to us along our journey.  We created our website The Positive Way over 10 years ago and that continues to help people around the world. 

Our new e-book Priceless Life Lessons shows the reader clearly and exactly what we have learned that dramatically improved our lives.  It gets right to the point and provides the reader with a road map that can enhance life and guide the reader on a life journey of their own in the direction that will allow for more happiness and self-fulfillment. It will change your life for the better just as it did for us and we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn from us in a very short period of time.  This book was created for the people that want and need some guidance and direction to get their lives back on track and create a happy and prosperous life.   It is easy to read, full of wisdom, and gives guidance and direction to those that are looking for a new way to create the life they have only dreamed of and that can save them some unnecessary struggle along the way. 

This book is one you will continue to refer to because the lessons are so powerful when learned that they create miracles in the lives of the people that take the lessons to heart and put them to use in their own lives.  You will save years of countless disappointments and wrong turns in life and you will be provided with a guiding light on your own journey of self-discovery and benefit greatly from these insights and life lessons.  You can save yourself years of struggles with these powerful life lessons.  It is never too late to improve and enhance your life.  This new e-book will provide life altering guidance and wisdom that will help you have a happier and more satisfying life journey.

What others are saying about this new e-book…

“I have attended many seminars with the Martins and have learned so much along the way.  I am now thrilled to get their valuable life lessons in one book.  It has changed my life for the better.  Thank you!”  Carol S. from Snyder, NY.

 “The wisdom that the Martins are sharing in their new book is life changing.  I am ordering a copy for all of my friends and family.” Bob H. from San Francisco, CA

“I am still a young man at age 29 and am so happy to learn what these people have learned in all their years of experience.  I am taking to heart many of their life lessons and already seeing positive changes in my life.”  Larry F. from Columbus, Ohio

“This book couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.  I am learning so much and with the new knowledge I know I will make better choices for me and my family.  Thanks for sharing.” Colleen S. from Baltimore, MD

“Many light bulb moments when I read the life lessons.  I started taking positive action today.  Thanks.” Mary K. from Syracuse, NY

“I am 67 years old and had given up on the idea that I could change my life for the better.  Your life lessons book came at the perfect time and I am already seeing positive changes in my life.  I am amazed!”  Peter J. from Montreal, Canada

Priceless Life Lessons gives you insights and a road map describing how to create the life you want and deserve.. The lessons in this inspiring book will give you a guiding light that can make your life journey
easier and more fulfilling along the way.

You will instantly benefit by having knowledge that took us decades to acquire.
Take the shortcut we provide in this book with our life lessons and your life journey with improve dramatically.

 Read and use this book’s wisdom as a guiding light that can and will lead you in a new direction.   We wish you all the success and happiness in life that you deserve and  we are so happy to help you along the way.


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