Love and Money

Love and Money

Will money enrich or bankrupt your relationship?

Love and money can mix or they can be too hot to handle.

This section on Love and Money contains valuable advice on how to reduce your financial stress.  Here are keys for understanding money and, most importantly, relating to yourself and your partner about money so it is not a problem.  Money issues are a primary cause of divorce.

You can’t spend your way to happiness.  Even millionaire lottery winners soon return to the level of happiness they experienced before winning.  Learn about Money and Happiness.

The keys to creating happiness around money and relationship issues include:

Understanding yourself and others:

Compatibility is key.  Answering these questions can give you some insights into your relationship with money.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not?  More money compatibility including the Money Compatibility Quiz


For love and money does not have to be a matter of conflict.  You can enjoy life today and build for your future.  Money can’t buy you love or even happiness. The key is to understand yourself and others, reach a common ground through discussion and be financially responsible along the way.