Money Compatibility

Compatibility is key.  How would your partner answer money questions?  Do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not?  How well do you and your partner agree on key money matters? Test yourself now.

The ideal time to sort all of money issues out is while you are still dating and considering becoming engaged.  However many couples become aware of the stress of money on the relationship after the honeymoon.  The sooner you deal with the money issues, the more likely you are to sustain your relationship.  One study found that the initial division of responsibilities for handling family finances in the first few months of marriage was related significantly to subsequent marital satisfaction and divorce.

Couples fight about money more than any other issue.

Taking the time to understand your own relationship with money and then discussing it with your partner can take the fight out of money.  Look for the areas you agree and disagree.  Seek compromise and balance.

Talking about money:

Financial stress appears to lead to more hostile interactions between spouses, which decreases marital satisfaction. Effective couple communication helps to buffer financial stress so that it does not harm the marriage.

Rule number one, don’t lie.  This is no time to hide the facts.  Face the truth and make a list of all of your debt – everything.  Denial in this area will lead to huge problems later on and that will cause you the loss of the relationship.

Don’t accuse or put down one another.  This is a time for honesty and understanding not shaming or belittling one another.  We have great articles on Communication.  Take some time to read the articles so you can talk more freely without causing more problems with each other.  Express and Own Your Feelings on the topic and allow your partner to do the same.