Money Happiness

Money Happiness
Money issues cause more divorce and relationship stress than infidelity.  Money may not buy love but it can end your relationship.  Check out our money advice page for some solutions to your money problems.

Couples who talk about money are twice as likely to rate their relationships as excellent but those who have financial problems are more likely to divorce sooner than those who do not.

Current research shows that financial problems are associated with increased stress and decreased marital satisfaction and a strong predictor of divorce along with jealousy, infidelity, and drinking/drug use. When an individual felt that his or her spouse handled money foolishly, the odds of eventual divorce more than doubled. Disagreements about finances appeared to be an important predictor of divorce for both men and women.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”
Will Rogers

Money is many things including, power, influence, trouble, A measure (satisfaction, power, wealth, accomplishment), a tool to do things, the stuff we buy, education and enrichment, entertainment, freedom – having enough to lose the fear of doing without and freedom – having enough is the freedom to do what you want.

Money is not happiness.  Happiness comes from within yourself.  Happiness is a satisfaction based on an acceptance of self, the acceptance of others, and the willingness to accept the present situation while building a better future.  Understanding and accepting each other are the true currencies of love.


Establishing a fair and equitable pattern of handling money early in marriage appears to be important for the quality and stability of the marriage.

If you find yourself in conflict over money, ask where the middle ground is.  Is it reasonable to compromise?  Can we reduce the money we spend in some areas in order to increase our savings?  Would it be fair if we each gave ourselves an allowance of $50 a week to spend as we choose?  Could we start saving just $50 a week to build for our future while enjoying today?  What else can we do?  Here are some practical tips for finding money hidden in your home.

The practical person would also ask can we do this while being financially responsible?  It won’t help if we both share the spend-like-there’s-no-tomorrow philosophy because that may lead to bankruptcy in both the relationship and the money.