Communication Assessment By Steven Martin & Catherine Martin – (c) The Positive Way

By Steven Martin & Catherine Martin – (c) The Positive Way

Communication requires two people. Issues will remain unsettled unless you and your partner agree to communicate. We recommend that you agree to communicate with the guidelines of understanding, kindness, honesty and respect as ground rules. These guidelines will serve to reduce tension and remind you both that you are on the same team. As a couple agree to your own discussion rules which can include such things as time-outs for cooling off or thinking.  Answer the questions below to learn more about your view of communication and how it should be.  For a print version click here.

Please answer the following questions by choosing the answer according to you think or respond the majority of the time.

1. Do you believe that angry disagreements or arguments are

   harmful and negative for a relationship

   helpful and positive for a relationship

2. Do you believe that your partner should

   know what you are thinking and feeling

   hear what you are thinking and feeling

3. Do you

   drop hints about your concerns in the relationship

   get right to the point when discussing a concern in the relationship

4. Do you tell your partner

   what you like about them and your relationship

   what you don’t like about them and your relationship

5. Do you

   withdraw from a conflict or conversation with your partner

   stay around until there is a resolution of the conflict or conversation

6. Do you

   hint at what you want or don’t want from your partner

   state clearly what you want and don’t want

7. Do you

   wait until they have finished stating their thoughts and ideas

   interrupt your partner’s conversation

8. Do you

   blame your partner or others for your relationship problems

   acknowledge and accept your part in your relationship problems

9. Were your parents

   poor communicators

   good communicators