Body language quiz

What is your body language awareness score?

By Catherine A. Martin, The Positive Way

This 10 question quiz will give you some clues as to your own body language and how you read others body language. It can help you become more aware of what may be working or not working for you when it comes to creating relationships. Up to 93% of what we say is said through body language.

1. When you approach someone or they approach you are you aware of the space created between you and the other person?

   Yes, I am fully aware of my distance and others distance

   No, I do not notice such things.

2. Do you feel tense or uneasy if someone is staring at you?



3. When someone you are talking to starts looking away or fidgeting do you

   Continue to talk.

   Stop talking and/or change the subject.

4. Do you keep comfortable eye contact while conversing without staring?

   Yes, I keep good eye contact while talking and occasionally look away.

   No, eye contact makes me uncomfortable.

5. Do you consciously smile when you greet another person?

   No, I am not aware of my facial expressions when greeting someone.

   Yes, I make sure I have a pleasant look on my face when I greet.

6. Are you aware of your tone of voice during a conversation?

   No, I just talk and don't think about it.

   Yes, my tone of voice is important and I am aware of it.

7. Are you aware of your facial expressions while someone is talking to you?

   Yes, I make sure my facial expression shows interest.

   No, I just listen without any awareness of my facial expression.

8. Do you nervously play with objects or fiddle with things during a conversation?



9. If someone is hesitating a lot during a conversation and not maintaining good eye contact do you

   Trust what the person is saying.

   Have doubts about what is being said.

10. I find it easy to tell someone's mood just by being with them for a short while.