Body Language

 Non Verbal Cues-Unspoken Communication
Body Language

Reading Body Language

Non Verbal cues. Unspoken communication. Body language – what does yours say about you?  Can you read others body language?  Most of our communication is non verbal.  We can attract people to us by our body language or we can repel people away because of it. Certain body gestures or eye movements can suggest to others that you are lying or that you are dishonest.   If you are popular and well liked then more than likely you have positive body language.  If you don’t have many friends and don’t do well in job interviews or making a good first impression then there may be certain gestures that you are doing subconsciously that are hurting your chances of getting what you want in your life. We can help you improve your body language and in return you will draw people to you and you can get more job offers.

Listed below are links to the articles that will give you answers and guidance to many of these concerns and questions and much more.

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NOTE: Many times when we have low self-esteem and poor body language there is some overlooked forgiveness that needs to take place in order for us to move forward and feel better about ourselves and therefore project better body language.

Body Language