Romantic Body Language

Body Language and Romance

The language of flirting and seduction is a language of few words.  Does she?  Does he?  What are they really saying?  Tonight or never…wouldn’t you like to know?  For some of us body language is something we will never understand for others it is their mother tongue.  How many delightful people have you missed meeting because you didn’t read that flip of the hair or the sidelong glance?  Here are some body language signs and some tips on how to read and speak the silent language of flirting and romance.

Face me
Facial expressions are a complex and powerful language.  The smile is central.  There is nothing more inviting and pleasant than a sincere smile.  And a scowl has been known to make grown men cry.  Your face reflects your inner thoughts.  If you are thinking about a bad day, a bad date, bad motives or a bad mood, you might as well forget flirting and romance.  Desperation or sadness show like a dark cloud.  On the other hand, confidence, happiness and optimism radiate like the sun.  Body language emanates from within our subconscious.  If you truly feel it, you don’t have to fake it.  A warm smile can ultimately be more attractive than 36D or a six-pack.

The eyes say it
This is a dance of the eyes.  The beauty of this dance is that you can do it across the room and through a crowd.

Think of it as a sensual and rhythmic dance with gentle touch and delicate timing.  The lingering touch of a soft-eyed look says “I’m interested.”  A hard look or a stare say “No, way.”  A quick glance and a look away may be flirting.  “I see you and I’m checking you out.  Let’s see there this goes.”  You can respond with a slight nod or a quick glance of your own.  Let your eyes caress each other and send the subtle invitation that you would like to get to know each other better.

Inviting signs
If she touches her hair, smoothing or adjusting, she’s letting you know that she wants to look good for you.  You might smooth your clothing and sit or stand just a bit taller.  An ever so slight smile, a nod, a wink, a slow turn of the head can all be signs inviting you to come closer.  You too can send or receive any of these messages.

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