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Space and motion

We carry a magic space around us of about one arms length.  Anything inside that distance is considered intimate.  Men, do not enter a woman’s intimate space without an invitation.  On the first approach, stand just outside the boundary and look for inviting signs or verbal clues that you are welcome in.  Women, if you want to send a firm flirting signal to a guy, step right up.  That’s one reason we like dancing so much.  It allows us to be inside each others’ intimate space without violating the rules.  Follow the woman’s clues on how to move.  Women appreciate the opportunity to control their space and men appreciate the leadership.

If the other person leans back, turns away or crosses their arms they are saying that this isn’t working.

When the other person starts to imitate your movements (mirroring) that is a pretty clear sign that they are interested and engaged in what you are saying.

Magic touch
We should all be so lucky as to have the direct approach of a passing touch on our arm.  There is little more comforting and exciting than the human touch.  In flirting, the gentler the better.  Be sure that you first are welcome in their intimate space before closing the gap to a touch.  Men are well advised to again take the lead from the woman.  Women set the pace.

Responding and connecting
If you’ve made it through the first four seconds of meeting someone you have a chance at connecting.  In that moment in time you and they have already decided if they find you to be intelligent, likeable and if they can trust you.  Don’t waste your time on those you don’t make a connection with.  The general statistics are that only 1 person in 4 is even a possible match for having any connection much less a romantic connection.

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