Relationship Quizzes and Articles that can help relationships flourish.


Relationship Quizzes and Articles
that can help relationships flourish

Relationship Quizzes Find out where you stand and what you can do to create more positive relationships. Learn how to Fight Fair – we offer guidelines on how to fight fair within the relationship without causing more problems for the relationship.
Warning Signs Learn about the four warning signs that can destroy any relationship and find out how to avoid them. Teammates – the rules for any relationship must be created together and not decided by other people’s rules or games.
Five Myths that will kill any love relationship Expressing and Owning Your Feelings Learn how to express and own your feelings in a positive way with a NAME statement. 
Hidden Issues and Expectations – Are you fighting over the real issue or are there hidden issues and expectations?
How to Love Your Mate Learn the number one destroyer of any relationship and find out how to overcome it.
How to start a conversation so it doesn’t end in an argument.  Find immediate satisfaction from a softened start to conversations and the role of accepting influence. Money and Relationship Problems – Money and fighting over money is one of the top 3 reasons couples divorce.  Learn how to communicate about money and how to make more and get more relationship satisfaction.
Stepfamily Information Some information and resources to help you navigate the path of creating a new family.  About half of all first marriages are ending in divorce but the statistics are worse for second marriages…sometimes due to step-parenting issues.  Talk to Me  Learn how to create positive, loving communication one word at a time.  Preview parts of a book that can help you change your life.  This easy to read book is making a positive difference for the people.
Become a better Listener – Learn how to improve your communication by becoming a better listener.
Couple’s Guide to Communication – Learn how to validate and stay on one subject of discussion
Forgive and Go Free Learn how to forgive your mate and yourself so you can go forward in life and create a new beginning. Get off the Merry Go Round One person can create positive change in a relationship.  Learn how to get off the merry go round and have a more fulfilling life.
Rekindle Romance  Make Every Day Like Valentine’s with these no-cost tips on how to bring more love into your life. Create a New Beginning  Sometimes the past gets in the way. Here are some ways for you to get off the merry go round and to forgive and go on.
Family Meetings – Learn how to communicate with all family members. Body Language – Can you read body language?
Problem Solving 3 step guide – Learn how to define and solve relationship problems. Change and Grow – you can change yourself and in turn others will change.  Learn how to change yourself and move forward in a positive way
Accepting Influence – when you learn how to accept influence from each other your relationship can flourish. What you think and speak. – will come back to you.  Your thoughts and words are like boomerangs – they will return.  Learn how to improve your life by changing your thoughts and words.

Our Positive Way website resources are here to help you create lasting, loving relationships and to bring more happiness, understanding, love and fulfillment into your life. Please read our enlightening articles that are full of tips and techniques on how to make some positive changes in your life.   Also take our quizzes and evaluations to see where you are today in your relationship and where you might want to go.

Why are these resources important?

        These resources (see the navigation bar to the left and the table below) and The Positive Way site are intended to help you create the lasting, loving, happy and successful relationships that you deserve.  They are the product of over 18 years of personal research and experience by relationship consultants.  Romance and marriage are important to us all.  It really helps to have some resources to help beat the odds against divorce and separation.  Marriage and long-term relationships are hard to maintain. 

 Research shows that every relationship will go through hard times when it seems like there is insufficient reason to stay together.  Some researchers call this a “pinch point” and they say it is inevitable.  At that time the individuals in the relationship may be feeling like the relationship or the other person is taking over and trying to push their individuality under.  Some writers refer to this as a power struggle.  Whatever you call it, the fact is that many marriages don’t survive because the couple doesn’t know how to get through the pinch.    In the pinch differences that the couple shares tends to tear them apart unless they know how to communicate and solve problems in a positive way. 

Those couples who know how to communicate through the tough times and keep their love a priority, have a much better chance of staying together.  This has been proven in recent studies that have shown the power of programs such as the Relate to Create Happiness training program based on Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) developed at the University of Denver Center for Marital and Family Studies.

    Catherine Martin and Steven Martin of The Positive Way wrote Talk to Me: How to Create Positive Loving Communication as a tool for people to use to help build the communication that they need to have long term, healthy, happy, and  loving relationships.  “Talk to Me” can help you prevent problems or rebuild a relationship where the positive words aren’t used as much as you want. 

With good communication, it is so much easier to forgive the past, rekindle romance, and create a new future together.  Women often say that the quickest way to romantic sex is through words from the heart.  They need to feel respected by their mate.  Actions speak louder than words when it comes to creating a loving relationship.  Women want and need their mates to accept influence from them.  They need to be listened to and validated. 

 Men often say that kind and supportive words make them feel stronger and better.  Men don’t want to be put on the defensive.  They respond much better by being approached by the woman in a more softer, gentler way. Neither partner responds well to criticism.  Choose your words carefully and take full ownership of your feelings. Don’t get into the blame game.   No one wins and everyone is left feeling empty and invalidated. 

Ask: “What can we do together to make this relationship positive, loving, and long lasting?”

        One thing you can do is to get educated and informed on what makes for successful, happy, lasting, and loving relationships.   What are the magic ingredients for success.  Read our book Talk to Me and the articles on our website.  Take action on the knowledge you acquire.  Knowledge without action is useless.  Action is the key to creating the life and happiness you deserve.  Learn Catherine & Steven Martins’ secrets for success by reading their book and exploring their web site.  We want you to have the joy and happiness we have created one word at a time.