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Self-esteem and body language – flirting & romance
The most beautiful men and women sometimes suffer an inner turmoil in silence.  Beneath the gorgeous façade they wage a war with their own sense of self-esteem.  Take nothing for granted when you meet one of these beautiful people.  We are all grateful they are for the kind word and supportive relationship that good people can offer.  Building your own self-esteem and self understanding can help you balance your inner self.  That inner beauty will radiate naturally through into your body language.

Like any language, learning body language can take study and practice.  Have fun with your journey.

Body language for introverts – shyness – the quiet minority
Fully 25 percent of all people have an introverted personality profile.  They are the quiet minority standing in the corner while the extroverted majority seems to take the spotlight and attract all the good looking girls and guys.

As an introvert, I often felt bad and sometimes even inferior as my extroverted friends navigated the social scene with style and grace.  I felt bad sitting in the corner, wondering what was wrong with me.  Why couldn’t I “get the girls” and make friends as easily as they could?

It wasn’t until I took personality profiles that clearly identified my introverted tendencies that I learned to be comfortable with who I am.  Understanding one’s self is a powerful step on the journey of life.  It really is okay to be who you are.

Here’s a quick indicator of where you might be on the introvert/extrovert scale.  Without spending much time just choose which column you prefer more for each of the following 6 pairs.

Would you rather (Choose from Column A or B):

Pair Column A Column B
1 Watch a group play games Lead the games
2 Talk to one person Entertain a group of people
3 Go out with one or two people Have an entourage
4 Go to the movies Go to a busy club
5 Read a book or play a video game Dance all night
6 Be on the sidelines Be center stage


If you chose 4 or more from column A, you may be more of an introvert than extrovert.  If you chose 3 from each, you can go both ways. And if you chose 4 or more from column B you are more of an extrovert.  Of course, if you consider yourself shy and others tell you that you are shy, that’s a good indicator right off the bat.  If you want a better self understanding, we highly recommend the book “Please Understand Me II.”

Our research on compatibility says that good, long lasting relationships are built on a sharing of fundamental principles and values.  A sharing of similar interests is also important.  On the other hand, couples can enjoy differences in personality as measured for extroversion/introversion.  Introverts tend to enjoy the companionship of moderate extroverts as they bring balance to the relationship.  Extreme extroverts may prefer moderate or extreme extroverts.  In any case it is critical to understand yourself and your partner well.  What you find titillating, exciting or interesting during dating might become overwhelming or boring in the long term.

The good news is that we all have the opportunity to learn, grow and flex to a degree in our personality style as we mature.  An introvert can learn to manage well in previously uncomfortable situations and extroverts can learn to appreciate quiet company with someone they love.

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