Body Language

Body Language – Are you turning people away because of your body language? 

We either attract others to us or repel others because of our body language.  What does your body language say to others?
Are you unconsciously turning people away or giving clues to them that you are not trustworthy?
Do you have a difficult time making friends?
Do you have a difficult time getting a date?
Do you ever get a second date?
Do you have a difficult time getting a job offer?

Body language is so important that the statistics show that our body language makes up 93% of our communication with others.  If we don’t have good body language then life can be more difficult in general.  We struggle more than we have to by just not being aware of our own body language and not taking advantage of some fine tuning to make us more likeable in general.  You can tune up your body language and communication skills using the following ten tips:

  1. When greeting someone for the first time make sure you have smile on your face; even if it is a forced smile.
  2. Keep the physical distance between you and the person you are wanting to converse with approximately an arms length away.  Don’t invade someone space.
    Keep the arms length rule at play.
  3. Don’t fiddle with objects or be distracted while someone is talking to you.
  4. Don’t hog the conversation. Take turns talking and listening.
  5. Show interest by keep good eye contact without starring.
  6. If someone likes you they may occasionally touch your arm or shoulder so therefore if you like someone you can occasionally do the same.
  7. Don’t get too friendly too fast.  Too much information too early will turn people away.
  8. Don’t tell your life story on the first date.
  9. While listening to someone be very conscious of your own facial expressions. Allow your face to show interest by mirroring the other person’s facial expressions.
  10. Don’t steal the other person’s story.  If someone starts sharing their vacations experience allow them to finish their story and show interest the whole time.
    Then and only then can you share a similar story if appropriate.