How do I attract girls

How can I attract the girls?

I’m lonesome.  I just can’t seem to meet anybody.  I go out to parties or to the bar and I just end up standing alone in the corner.  Nobody will talk to me.  And when I do make a move, I’m shot down.   I’m really not bad looking, just shy.  What can I do to make the girls notice me?  Lonesome in LA.

Dear Lonesome:  You sound like your personality preference is that of an introvert (shy and less outgoing).  About one in four people are introverts and many tend to feel left out on the fringe of the action while the rest of the world parties on.  Yes, it is difficult but it’s not the end of the world.  You can still meet people.  Ask some of your more outgoing friends to introduce you to people.   That makes it a lot easier.  Try  activities other than the bar or parties.  Join social groups and ask the membership leader or chairperson to introduce you around.  Let them know that you will appreciate their assistance because you’re a bit shy.  They’ll appreciate your honesty and may know a shy woman or two to introduce you to.  Read some of our other tips on meeting people.   Don’t give up.  Every single person you meet is an achievement and another reason not to be lonely.  Check out our article on How to Mingle and How to Attract Your Ideal Mate and the 3-minute conversation guide.