My girlfriend spends more time with her friends than me.

Dear Positive Way:  My girlfriend spends more time with her friends than she does with me.  I really love her and need her but I’m jealous and it’s driving me nuts.  What can I do to get her attention?  Jealous in New York.

Dear Jealous:  Ask her what she likes about you and what she would like to do with you.  She may tell you that she’s not ready for a relationship as serious as you want it to be.  You should consider if need her only because you love her.  When need comes before love, love is fragile.  When you need someone because you love them, it is stronger.  Yes, it may be hard to sort it out but give it a try.  The fact you’re jealous is an indication that your confidence in this love is not as strong as it should be.  Listen to what your intuition is telling you.   You have the chance to create a better relationship by talking with your girlfriend about what’s important to you both to build a new understanding.  You also have the choice to move on.  We recommend you invest some time and energy into trying to create understanding first.  Good luck. Please read our article on jealousy.