How to Attract Your Ideal Mate

You can identify, find, attract, and love your ideal mate when you follow these suggestions.  These methods work!  These methods have been used by many hundreds of people who have taken our seminars or have worked with The Positive Way individually.   Here is our free advice on what has been shown to work time and time again on how to find and attract your ideal mate.  It may be free but it’s really worth a fortune.

How to identify your ideal mate:

  • List the things in your life that are important to you.  Yes, sit down and make a list.  Review it several times over a period of time.  Consider what you have and have not liked in your relationships to date.

  • Identify the characteristics of a person who shares what’s important to you.  Don’t just think about today; think about what you will want years from now.  Morals, principles, and values are the enduring foundation of ourselves.  These are on top of the personality characteristics that we each have.

    Evaluate your own personality and interests.   You can start here and now with our free Compatibility and Interest Guide and continue, as you wish, with personality profiles such as those offered in the book Please Understand Me.

How to find your ideal mate:

  • Go where people that share your interests are.   You cannot find anyone while you are home alone.  Unless you want to be a party person for the next twenty years, don’t devote all of your socializing to the bar scene.  What really matters to you?  Maybe you should be playing sports, going to adult education classes, joining church groups, or volunteering to meet solid, upstanding people. See Suggestions for Finding and Ideal Mate.

  • Network, network; network.  Over two thirds of marriages result from introductions by someone you know.  Join single’s organizations.  It’s the safe way to meet people who are known by someone.  You’re less likely to run into a sex fiend or someone who doesn’t share your sexual and life interests when they’ve been checked out by your friends or family. 

  • Also see our recommended reading list for singles who are looking for a mate.  Rating Internet Dating Sites

  • How to attract your ideal mate:

    • Remember, you have to be with people who will share your interests.  You are much more likely to attract a like-minded person when you are sharing activities such as sports, hobbies, cultural events, volunteering, and the like.

    • Confidence and self-love also identified as self-esteem is a great magnet to attract.  The better you feel about yourself, the better you will look to others.  It has been said that “You will attract someone to you at the same level of self-esteem that you are.”  Here are some great suggestions on how to build self-esteem.

    • Dress the best you can.  This means quality clothing and appropriate styles that help you look good and feel comfortable.  You don’t have to spend a fortune.  There are always sales and today, consignment shops are a very respectable way to get outfitted while you save the economy and environment by recycling.

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  • How to love your Ideal mate:

    • Now that you’ve found the right person, the only way you can hang on for life is to create a loving relationship that is built to last.   Make a commitment to each other to make your relationship a priority and to keep it that way forever.  Commitment gets lost all too often these days and the facts are that over 50% of all marriages end in divorce, most of them within 10 years.  It takes commitment to carry on even through adversity and change.

    • “Love is not enough.”  The first love, passion, that you share will not last.  You must replace it with a new and different love.  One that you share in everything that you do.  You must learn to communicate with each other.  Studies show that it’s not the similarities that you share that makes the difference in the long run, it’s how you handle your differences.   You must be able to communicate well and solve problems.  Take a look at the recommendations for relationships for lovers.

    • “Love is a verb.”  The future is what you make it.   And that means that you have to take action each day to keep your love alive and growing.  Dr. Erick Fromm says that love is like an art.   Love takes commitment, understanding, and practice to flourish.