The secret to attracting others

The secret to attracting others is to appeal to the five (5) senses of the person you are trying to attract.

You appeal to a person’s sense of sight by:

  • Looking clean, neat and fresh.

  • Having a warm and friendly smile on your face and good eye contact.

  • Wearing quality clothing of natural fabrics (silk, cotton, wool are good choices).  You will act and feel more confidant when you wear high quality garments.

  • Wearing clothing in the primary colors. (Black, navy blue, gray, burgundy, emerald green are all good choices).  80% of the population look their best in primary colors.  Only 20% of the population look their best in earth tones (brown, beige, orange, olive).

  • Wearing a contrasting color to your outfit.  Choose from the family of primary colors.  Some of those colors are black, chalk white, bright blue, hot pink, blue reds, purple etc.  Wear this contrasting color in ties, pocket handkerchiefs, scarves, blouses, and shirts.

You appeal to the person’s sense of hearing by:

  • Having a pleasant and enthusiastic tone to your voice.

  • Sounding energetic and positive

  • Saying and using their name

  • Complimenting them

You appeal to the person’s sense of touch by:

  • Having a good firm handshake that meets web of thumb to web of thumb.  This means keep your hand open until the web between your thumb and 1st finger meets the web of their hand.  Don’t worry about having cold or clammy hands.  Just make sure it is a firm solid handshake.  Eye contact while you are shaking hands is important.  Keep eye contact as long as the handshake lasts.

You appeal to the person’s sense of smell by:

  • Having clean fresh breath.  Keep breath spray, gum, or mints and use it before
    talking to people.

  • Being shower or bath fresh.

You appeal to the person’s sense of taste by:

  • Mentioning or making an analogy to enjoyable foods sometime during your
    conversation.  Be creative.  If you like to eat out mention the type of food you enjoy.

Always be sincere and honest when talking with another individual.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Be a person of integrity.