Identifying What you Are Looking For In Life

Before you can find what you are looking for in life you must define or identify what it is you are looking for.  If, for example, you were looking for an idea mate, ideal job, or an ideal house then you would start by writing down the qualities or characteristics you want in an ideal mate or career.  How do you know if someone is your ideal mate if you haven’t taken the time to define what “ideal Mate” means to you?  How do you know if a certain job is your ideal job unless you define what “ideal job” means to you?  The same goes for your ideal home etc.  When you keep these thoughts just in your head it is still a dream or fantasy.  Writing it down makes it real, accessible, and obtainable.  It is important to write with pen and paper.  Typing or using a computer is not as effective.  The writing process alone has been proven to provide more reality to your wants and/or desires.

List the ten most important qualities or characteristics that you want in an ideal mate, job, or house.  List them in order of priority – one being the most important to ten being the least important.  Be very specific.


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