Rating the Top Internet Dating Sites

Rating the Top Internet Dating Sites

Internet dating and matchmaking is big business as singles of all ages seek to find relationships.  There are dozens of sites and millions of users.  Some are looking for casual sex but most are seeking friendship, romantic relationships and love.

We know there is no substitute for face to face meeting but some of these singles sites can help that come about.

You may not be sure that the picture you see is the actual person.  Anyone can be anyone they want in cyberspace.  Obviously, discretion is a wise watchword in cyberspace dating.  That said, you can find anything or anybody you want on the internet using these sites.  See our article on safe dating.

It would be nice to be able to tell you which sites are the most successful or the most accurate but that is impossible.  You really have to use your good judgment when selecting an internet dating site.

These dating sites vary greatly in their cost from free to not so free.  They also look and feel different.  Some use complex computer programs to help you find your match but most are just doing a search of their data base following your direction: blond, 120 pounds or less, non-smoker, under 28….well, you know the drill.  Some sites are more likely to have relatively honest participants but others unfortunately have been found to be less than honorable in their intentions.  You are better off to stick with the big names or sites that your friends with similar interests can refer you to.

The perfect internet dating site may not exist but you are more likely to be a happy consumer when you choose and use them carefully.