Loneliness – What it Means and How to Overcome It.

Everyone experiences loneliness at one time or another in their lifetime. You can be in a relationship and feel alone. You can be in a crowd and feel alone. Loneliness is a feeling of being excluded from a group. Loneliness is feeling unloved or alienated from your surroundings. Loneliness can mean that there is no one with whom you can share your personal concerns and experiences. Loneliness can mean you find it difficult to make friends.

Some of the Negative Effects of Loneliness are:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • A feeling that nobody likes you.
  • Expectation of others to include you in their activities and
  •  conversations and if they don’t you may become withdrawn, angry or isolated.
  • A feeling that others are always evaluating you.
  • You have difficulty setting boundaries for yourself and standing up for your rights. You might avoid meeting new people or attending any public events.
  • You become overly critical of your looks and personality traits.
  • You feel isolated, alone and unhappy a lot of the time.

Eight ways to overcome Loneliness and bring more happiness
into your life.

  1. Do some volunteer work. Helping others will boost your self-esteem and create new opportunities to meet people with similar interests.
  2. Get involved in Church or Community activities
  3. Start making the first step in greeting people. Smile and say “Hello”
  4. Take the initiative and call someone and ask him or her to meet you for coffee.
  5. Don’t judge people on the basis of your past experiences. Keep an open mind when meeting someone new and show interest in them. Don’t make assumptions about how they will perceive you.
  6. Take some adult education courses that are based on personal growth. For example look for classes that teach self-esteem development, forgiveness, how to be more assertive, how to mingle, how to become a positive thinker.
  7. When you are alone listen to self-help books on tape. Get some videotapes that offer seminars on personal growth. You will feel a part of the audience as you listen to the trainers and instructors on these cassette tapes.
  8. There are many organizations that provide opportunities for their members to socialize and network for new friends and social companions.
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