Depression – and how it can affect your relationship

Relationships can be a challenge in many areas and they are especially affected if one or both partners is suffering from depression of any degree.  Depression is a filter that clouds everything. Nothing seems to matter to the person depressed.  Love doesn’t seem to help or heal the depressed person. 

Some signs of depression within a relationship:

  • One or both partners has lost interest in any kind of physical closeness.

  • One or both partners have a feeling of loneliness within the relationship.

  • One or both partners wants to be alone more than usual.

  • One or both partners has no real ability to express or communicate their true feelings.

  • One or both partners feels like any expectation of them is too overwhelming and demanding so they don’t get anything done.

Unless you have personally experienced depression it is very hard to understand it in another person.  Many people just expect the other person to “just snap out of it” or “just get up and do something” or “just quite mopping around”.  Or you will hear “you should be doing” statements: like “you should be eating right” or “you should be exercising” or “you should not be sleeping so much” the should list goes on and on. 

Low grade depression is hard to spot at first and most people think other things are wrong with the relationship instead of looking at this hidden issue – depression.  It is and can be the cause of many relationships getting off track.  And until it is made known and defined by many couples there will be misunderstandings and worries about the wrong issues.

Depression requires attention. Seek professional help and check with your family Doctor if you suspect you or that any family member is experiencing depression.  Depression can be helped and their is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.  Take positive steps and seek the help that is needed for yourself or for your loved one.

NOTE:  If you are worried about someone in your life as a possible suicide risk call

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resource Center