Learning to be Happy

Can we learn to be happy?  Absolutely!  Happiness is a process and can be achieved over time.  It does not require more money or more personal possessions.  It is a mindset that can be adjusted as needed.  There are many ways to increase our level of happiness.  We start out in life with a set point for happiness just as we have a weight set point.  A good part of our ability to be happy is inherited and then a larger part is learned and practiced over time.  No matter what our circumstances we can learn to be happy from the inside out for no reason.  We can adjust our level of happiness no matter what our past history tells us or our past feelings and experiences.  Happiness is a mindset and it comes from the inside out.

To increase your happiness level follow the obtainable HAPPY action suggestions below:

Have and set obtainable goals for yourself.  For example.:  If you want to lose weight set a goal of ½ to 1 pound a week.  Every time you achieve your goal you will increase your level of happinessSmall goals go along way in helping to increase your happiness.

Accept and forgive yourself.  We all have done things in life that need forgiveness.  Start with yourself first and then make a decision to forgive others.  When we choose to forgive others it is a gift that we give to ourselves.  It does not require or mean that you need to allow that person back in your life.  It is a choice to forgive and let go so you can move forward in a positive way.

Practice gratitude.  Choose a theme for the day and be grateful for everything associated with that theme.  For example:  Today choose to be grateful that you have access to the internet.  Be grateful that you can learn and expand your knowledge by way of the internet and the websites and articles that you come across

Praise and acknowledge the good in yourself.  You have goodness that needs to be appreciated and acknowledged.  Take a few moments each day to reflect on your good.  For example:  Today I was kind to a stranger.  I smiled and said hello to them.

Yield and let others be who they are and allow yourself to be who you want to be.  Make the decision to stop trying to control others thoughts and actions.  You are in charge of your thoughts and actions and that is where you can make the most positive change in your life and happiness level.

Learn how to increase your happiness by reading the following books on this subject.  They are excellent and will give you a hands on approach for increasing your level of happiness overall.