Broken Heart – How to Mend

So many relationships end with a broken heart.  Many times only one person wanted out of the relationship and that leaves the other person wounded with a broken heart.  When a relationship ends it takes a toll on the self-esteem and it may take many months if not years to recover.  There are 3 steps to mending a broken heart.   

1.  Forgiveness.  Forgive yourself for all the wrong that you feel you did during the relationship and then forgive the other person for any wrong you feel they did.  See our article on titled Forgiveness that gives you steps on how to actually forgive yourselfand forgive others.

2. Self-esteem rebuilding. Work on rebuilding your

 self-esteem. We have some great articles on self-esteem and how to rebuild it.

3.  Alone-ness. Be alone and feel the loneliness. Give yourself some healing time and work on mending your broken heart one step at a time.  You will mend over time and you will find love again. Be patient with yourself.  The more you work at forgiveness and you learn how to move forward the heart will mend and become open again. 

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