The Martins Bio

 Steven and Catherine Martin are the creators of The Positive Way
website  and authors of the book titled “Talk to Me”.  

As co-founders of The Positive Way and the book “Talk to Me” Steven & Catherine Martin worked as relationship consultants, authors, professional speakers, trainers and business consultants.  They have been happily married for 40+ years and continue to practice the art of creating a happy, healthy and loving relationship.  They were public speakers and offered lectures, seminars and workshops across the country.  The Martins have appeared on TV and radio throughout the nation.  They also ran a singles organization in the Buffalo area titled SPIN where their goal was to provide a non threatening and educational environment that allowed singles to meet one another and connect in a positive way and to learn more about how to find and create healthy relationships.

Steven and Catherine retired to Albuquerque, New Mexico in July,2002 to enjoy more sunshine.  They bought a cabin like home up in the mountains and were surrounded by the Cibola National Forest.  Bears, bobcats, and much wildlife were there to enjoy right in their own backyard.   After living there for 18 months and enjoying the sunshine they found themselves missing the family back east and decided to move back to New York closer to family and friends

They have 3 grown children living and working in the State of New York.  They are also proud grandparents and are enjoying that new role in life.   Steven and Catherine continue to travel a few times a year following the sunshine but are very happy to based back in New York closer to their family.

The Martins website and book continues to help people around the world create healthy, happy, and lasting relationships one word at a time.   You can check out their bookTalk to Me” which was created for everyone interested in creating healthy, happy, and loving relationships one word at a time.   We now offer it as an E-Book!  Get it today!