Privacy Policy

We recognize that privacy is important.  The Positive Way:

  • Will not divulge client information to third parties.
  • Will not use your email without your explicit permission. Your registration for a newsletter or a free download gives us that permission.
  • Does not sell contact information.
  • Does not use contact information outside the specific transaction.
  • Any credit card transaction information collected on a transaction is done by a party such as PayPal and is not seen or used by us in any way.
  • Does not maintain online database information of contacts and clients.
  • Does recover some of the costs of delivering this information to you for free by using Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, and other programs. These do employ cookies and have their own privacy policies. By use of this site you agree to their terms and conditions.

Contact information:

The Positive Way
163 Sunset CT
Buffalo, NY 14228


phone: 716-580-4564