Too many of us postpone happiness and living life to the fullest because of a lack of self-acceptance.  We keep waiting for the magic number on the scale,  or the right person to enter our life,  or the right outfit, or the right makeup, the list goes on and on. 

Self-acceptance is an agreement with yourself to appreciate, validate, accept and support who you are at this very moment, even those parts you’d like to eventually change. Many people have the misconception or belief that if they accepted themselves as they are, they wouldn’t change or that they wouldn’t work on becoming more of who they want to be.  We tend to think that if we don’t accept ourselves then that will be a motivation to change what we don’t like about ourselves.

The ironic thing about that type of thinking is that if you will go for self-acceptance right here, right now, then all of those things that you felt will make you happier will come to you once you let go of the need to have them to live your life to the fullest.

Look honestly at your beliefs about yourself and about others.  Let go of the need to be someone else, or to be a different size, or to look a certain way.  Accept yourself as you are right now, today, and then look with wonder at the miracles that will happen once self-acceptance is firmly rooted in your being.

Practice the following ACCEPTING advice

A – acknowledge and accept the fact that you are a unique individual that is worthy of self love.

C – Clearly define your beliefs about yourself and then work on changing any negative beliefs

C – Change only those things that are worthy of change.

E – Examine the facts.  Don’t allow others to define who you are.

P – Practice patience with yourself.  Take one step at a time.

T – Train yourself with positive affirmations – For example repeat this affirmation every day especially when you look into a mirror.  “I love and accept myself today.”

I – Integrate some of the things you admire in others into your practices.  If you are seeing it in others then you have it within yourself so bring it forward and show it to yourself.

N – Never give up on yourself. 

G –   Give yourself permission to love and accept yourself for now and then you can decide what you want to improve on in the future. Go for it!  You can be happy with yourself today.

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