Guidelines for living a happier life

1.  Accept the fact that you cannot change another human being.  You can only change yourself.  Stop trying to fix or change others.

2.  Accept the fact that thoughts and words are like boomerangs.  They will come back to you.   Choose carefully.

3.  Accept yourself as you are today.  It doesn’t mean you don’t want to change and improve but start from a place of self-acceptance and see what happens.  You are where you are for reason so don’t fight that fact, accept it, and then you can move in any direction you wish to go.

4. Understand that there are no “mistakes in life” only life lessons.  Once your lesson is learned you will be able to move forward.   Life lessons repeat themselves until the lesson is learned.  Always ask “what can I learn from this situation?”

5. Random of acts of kindness for yourself and for others.

6.  Life is a journey.  Enjoy the journey.  Every twist and turn in the road, and every bump or hill you meet provides a life lesson.  Enjoy the journey.

Practice the HAPPY steps below:

H – honestly look at your life and define what your morals, principles and values are and then display them in every thing you do.

A – acknowledge and accept the fact that you cannot change another person.  That is out of your control.  You can only change yourself and you are only responsible for yourself and your actions.

P – praise yourself for all the good things that you have done in your life.  Practice random acts of kindness towards yourself and then towards others.

P – practice changing the phrase “mistakes in life” to “Lessons in Life”.  Pledge to ask yourself in any given situation the following “What can I learn from this situation?”  Learn your lesson and then move on to the next life lesson.

Y– You are worthy of happiness.  Let go of guilt and embrace your value as a individual doing the best in life that they can do with the knowledge they have at the time.  As you know better you will do better. You deserve happiness.  Embrace it now.

NOTE:  Many times when we struggle with trying to be happy there is some overlooked forgiveness that needs to take place before we can move forward and feel happy again.  Recommended Reading:  “What Happy People Know by Dan Baker

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