Random Acts of Kindness for Yourself and for Others

Some Random acts of kindness to do for your self

  1. Allow yourself a few minutes a day to just daydream
  2. Where a favorite perfume or cologne
  3. Bring a fresh flower from the outside to inside your living area
  4. Sit outside next to a tree or on the grass and take in the beauty of it all
  5. Put on your favorite music and move to the music
  6. Write down one of your best qualities on a sheet of paper and post it on your refrigerator
  7. Create a space inside your room that is just yours.
  8. Forgive your past mistakes and move on
  9. Smile at yourself the first thing in the morning in the bathroom mirror
  10. Eat some fresh fruit and vegetables
  11. Take a walk
  12. Take 3 deep breaths anytime you are feeling tense or anxious
  13. Sing in the shower or just around the house
  14. Eat a meal on your favorite dinnerware.
  15. Light a candle and be quiet with your thoughts
  16. Read a few chapters from your favorite book or listen to a book on tape
  17. Take a 10 to 15 minute nap
  18. Wear clothes that you love
  19. Have a piece of your favorite candy
  20. Have a picnic inside or outside of your home

Some Random acts of kindness to do for others

  1. Smile and say thank you to any one that is providing customer service.
  2. Ask questions and show interest in others
  3. Hold the door for someone
  4. Offer to help carry someone’s packages
  5. Donate clothes or household goods to charity
  6. Send a list of 3 things you admire about a friend to them
  7. Give someone a shoulder rub
  8. Give away some of your books
  9. Visit someone in a hospital or nursing home
  10. Offer to watch or walk a neighbors pet
  11. Take a friend or neighbor out for an ice cream cone
  12. Give a sincere compliment to a coworker or friend
  13. Give some homemade cookies or cake to your local police or fire department
  14. Give to a blood bank
  15. Give a child your full attention
  16. Offer to do a family member’s chores for a day
  17. Hug someone you love
  18. Leave a loving note to a family member
  19. Listen attentively to the opposing point of view

Recommended Reading: Random Acts of Kindness by Daphne Rose Kingma

NOTE: A great random act of kindness is to forgive ourselves and others.  Many of us have  overlooked forgiveness that needs to take place in order for us to move forward and feel better about ourselves.  If that is the case for you please read our article on forgiveness.Call a friend or a relative and catch up on their lives

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