Dating Tips & Advice

Here are the top dating mistakes that can have you wondering what you were thinking when a relationship dissolves down the road.  Read and use the dating tips and advice for better long term relationships and a happier life.

Dating tips:

Six dating mistakes you will want to avoid.

  1. “I don’t want to be alone.”  Loneliness or even the thought of being alone holds relationships together for a while.  It is, however, insufficient foundation for a healthy long term relationship.
  2. “They complete me.”  Strong relationships are built every day with couples providing each other with something that they are missing as an individual.  On the other hand, low self esteem or a feeling of insufficiency can cause people to think that they are only whole and valuable with someone else.  This can be unstable in the long term.
  3. “I can’t say ‘no.’” If you find yourself in a position where your dating partner is controlling your life, it may be time to reconsider.  Over-control can be a type of abuse.
  4. “This is convenient.”  All too many relationships arise out of convenience.  Yes, it is difficult to meet people but just because you are together and available to one another does not make it a great relationship.
  5. “They have ulterior motives.”  People need relationships for reasons other than love.  The desperation to have someone to share the rent, take care of children, provide entertainment or fill some other role can bring people together for reasons other than that of seeking long term love.  People have even been known to marry or get pregnant to create a future income stream from child-support or alimony.
  6. “This is fun.”  The excitement of being together and feeling good can sometimes overshadow an underlying understanding that you just aren’t compatible.

Dating advice:

Our best dating advice

  1. Don’t waste your time on relationships that don’t have a future.  Use your head to avoid these dating mistakes.
  2. Work on your own self esteem and be the best individual you can be to then attract and create better relationships.
  3. Remember that recreational relationships should be with friends and not “lovers.”
  4. Acknowledge that if your relationship seems like a fairy tale, maybe it truly is.
  5. Accept that what first brought you together is probably insufficient on its own and you need to do the work to create a better basis for a truly committed relationship.
  6. Focus on the principles and values that are important to you. Surround yourself with good people who share your positive attitude.  You will attract those who think like you.
  7. The best relationships are built on mutual respect, understanding and compatibility in all key aspects of personality and life goals.  Think about yourself, them and your partner and, above all, talk honestly with your dating partner about the important things.  That way you can avoid becoming trapped in a relationship that you later regret.

Summary dating tips and dating advice

Dating can be a lot of fun but the consequences of a bad relationship that goes on longer than it should or breaks up after a marriage and children can be bad.  Enjoy dating for what it is and don’t take advantage of your dating partners.  Make good decisions with the future in mind and you can have fun and meet the partner of your dreams for a lifelong, happy relationship.  Men Need to Know This about Women

  • Date with your head as well as your heart!  Be compassionate as well as passionate.  Remember love is something you must give away to receive.