Self Development

What you think and speak will come back to you!

You can improve your life dramatically just by changing your thoughts and your words.  Think of thoughts and words as things – visualize each one of them being sent out into the world once you have created them and then picture them returning to you like a boomerang.  Your thoughts and your words are creating your current life experiences.  If you want to change those life experiences then change your thoughts and your words. 

One of my favorite books on this subject is The Game of Life and How to Play It (Prosperity Classic) by Florence Scovel Shinn .   It was written and copyrighted back in 1925 and is only 93 pages long.  This short book is full of wisdom and it provides the reader with life changing direction and understanding.  It is a book that I have shared with thousands of people that I have come in contact with over the last 15 or so years. Each and every person that has read this book and fully understood the insight and wisdom it has to offer,  has then taken the appropriate action and therefore altered their life in a very positive way.    

I have read this book well over 100 times and each time I learn something new.  This 93 page book is a book that will change your life for the better if you take hold of the wisdom that is offered and shared.  It has changed my life dramatically for the better and I feel it will do the same for you.  If you really want to change your life for the better then read and use this book’s wisdom as a guiding light that can and will lead you in a new direction