Tips for Creating Better Relationships

Tips for Creating Better Relationships


Here are eight tips to consider when working to create better relationships. 

  1. Value your Differences: Rather than to challenge and disagree with individual differences, appreciate and harness them to make better decisions. The ability to do so is often a sign of high self-esteem.

  2. Share Common Ground: Build on the strengths of your individual differences and common ground. There is power in numbers…especially when you appreciate the differences as well.

  3. Communicate: The vast majority of relationship problems may be avoided or resolved with effective communication. Make sure your employees are trained in communication. When problems arise, look for root causes and provide remedial training or coaching as appropriate.

  4. Practice Honesty: Humans have a sixth sense that can detect dishonesty or deceit. Foster an organizational culture that encourages honesty. Don’t tolerate dishonest behaviors.

  5. Maintain Open Channels: When people have safe access to people in authority, they may seek advice about interpersonal issues before they develop into major issues. Open door policies and practices can work very well.

  6. Set Good Examples: When leaders show that they can engage in rational and reasonable debate over issues without getting personal, others may learn how to maintain good relationships even when they don’t agree with other’s positions.

  7. Use Courtesy: “I’m sorry.” is one of the most powerful phrases in the English language. Use it when appropriate along with the normal practices of courtesy. We all appreciate the implied respect that comes along with courteous acts.

  8. Respect Everyone: Don’t use authority and rank as your criterion for deciding who you will respect, use humanity as the only criterion. If you treat the cleaners with the same high level of dignity and respect as the president, you will never go wrong.

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