Sex and Love

NOTE: There is NOTHING explicit here…only wisdom.

Sex is so powerful that people, even presidents, will jeopardize their lives and life styles for it.

The connection between sex and love is not what it always seems to be. It can be dangerous.

Sex is powerful, weak, passionate, distant, forgiving, unforgiving, and not always in control while we lust after its sometimes forbidden fruit. Sex is Nature’s way of ensuring the survival of the human race. We race through puberty stricken by forces from a God that seems to be playing with us. Saying “yes” and saying “no” in the same hot/cold breath. Layering guilt upon the shoulders of innocent youth driven to connect, to understand, to feel, and to live. Sex takes on a leadership role. Hormones drive us cruising for satisfaction. Sex disappoints. Taboos have meanings that had best not be crossed. It drives us crazy and then lets us down. A few never recover. Some never give up. Sex excites and starts a bond. Some revel in its joy for the rest of their lives. They are the lucky ones…as we all should be. Sex is purely life…life in its essence. Life to be shared. Life to be created.

It’s not wise to have sex early in a relationship. It may take you someplace you really don’t want to go. Having sex creates a bond of obligation. People don’t want to have sex and then leave as though it was just recreation. Sex is a very personal act that is not generally given casually…and it shouldn’t be. The best thing you can do is to adhere to your morals, principles, and values. Don’t give them up for a roll in the hay.

Many pre-teens and teens today report that they have sex. And then they report that they are disappointed. Disappointed in the act and disappointed in the failure of the relationships with their partners. They feel cheated and confused. What a shame to experience such a wonderful part of life in such a shallow disappointing way. The ultimate disappointment comes with pregnancy and no loving relationship to support it…hundreds of thousands of times per year.

Sex is wonderful but it leads people down the road to children and or marriage more often than it should. The moment sex enters the relationship picture; a degree of control is passed to the body and the unconscious brain. We love the feelings and we mistakenly may think they mean we love the person. Sex creates a bond for a time. This bond will gradually fade in importance. Passion has a lot of hormones. Love does too but they are different and deeper. A marriage cannot be built on sex alone. It takes an intellectual connection to hold a marriage together.

Sex is a very serious and complicated part of life. It should be consensual, joyous, and mutual. Casual sex is dangerous not only because of AIDS and STD’S but because of its tendency to pull people into relationships/marriages that they are not truly suited for.

Sex can be a marvelous part of a marriage. Let its energy help you fulfill your loving committed relationship while your mind leads the way.