How to build it.

Rapport according to Webster’s Dictionary means:   Agreement; accord.  A close or sympathetic relationship; harmony.

Good and effective communication requires rapport.  It is a natural human ability and we all can establish better rapport and therefore better relationships in our lifetime.  To establish rapport with someone you can do some of the following non verbal actions:

Mirror the person’s body language or tone of voice.  Match their posture.  For example:  If a person is sitting and leaning back in their chair then when you are sitting with them lean back in your chair.  You could also match their facial expressions or rate of breathing. Non verbal behaviors are expressions of ones state of mind.  Try using some of the same phrases or sayings that you have heard this person use before.

If you do mirror a person’s body language do it slowly.  If you suddenly try to match it you can break rapport because the person may see it as making fun of them or rude.

Show interest in the other person by asking any or all of the following questions and then listen intently to their answers:

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Where do they go for relaxation and a mental break?

Having interactions with people that makes them feel respected and appreciated will enhance rapport and will be a foundation for a long term friendship overall.


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