Marital Therapy Models Extended

Investigation of Problem-Solving in Dyadic Relationships:
Creating a Bridge to Creative Problem-solving

This content is intended for practitioners in marital and relationship counseling who are interested in adding to their problem solving tool kit.

The work referenced in this cover note and available by link from this page was done by Steven C. Martin in completion of his M. Sc. in Creativity from the (now) Buffalo State University. It is a detailed analysis of current models used in marital and relationship counseling: Cognitive-Behavioral Marital Therapy, Behavioral Marital Therapy and the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement models are discussed with a view toward adding specific problem solving tools derived from the Creative Problem Solving Model.


Select problem-solving models used in dyadic marital relationships are examined and compared with the Creative Problem Solving Model. Similarities and differences are identified between Creative Problem Solving and models used in marital education and counseling. Opportunities for the exchange of practices and tools between Creative Problem Solving and marital relationship problem-solving models are described. Implications to Creative Problem Solving and Creative Studies are examined.