Preparing for Marriage

Preparing for Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important decisions that you will make in life. It has a high rate of failure and without proper preparation it can lead to a path of unhappiness and resentment in many cases.

So many couples spend more time on the Wedding rather than on the marriage itself.  Marriage which is intended to last a lifetime gets the short end of the stick as far as preparation and attention overall.   A happy marriage does not just happen, it takes work and effort along with a lot of attention to detail.  Couples can reduce their chances of divorce and increase their happiness within a relationship with preparation and insight into the reality of marriage and what that really means.

Happy couples tend to have the following strengths as a couple:

1. Common Morals, Principles, and Values
2. Realistic Expectations about the challenges of marriage
3. Communication where they share both positive and negative feelings.
4. Conflict Resolution where they can work through problems without demeaning or  name calling.
5. Personality where they really like the other person and consider them their best  friend overall.

Talk about the difficult subjects before marriage.  Money and conflict over money is in the top 3 cause of divorce today.  Read our love and money section for help on this subject.

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