Less is more when it comes to New Years Resolutions

So many of us go into the New Year with a resolution to make some big change in our lives.  Our goals expand and can be unrealistic and therefore most likely end in disappointment with ourselves.   Our level of self-esteem lowers each time we “let ourselves down” and don’t accomplish what we had hoped to accomplish in the New Year.

This year try lowering your goals and expectations.  This year choose a very easily attainable goal.  For example:  If you would of set a goal to lose 50 pounds this year choose instead to weigh 12 pounds less this time next year.  Keep it obtainable and reasonable.  Small obtainable goals will allow you to build your self confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t concentrate on more than one goal at a time.  Less is more when it comes to setting goals.  Keep it simple and you will reap the benefits above and beyond what you can imagine for yourself in this New Year.