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The Positive Way has had a web presence for over ten years and eight years in its current form.  It is ranked in the top 1% for traffic in the entire WWW with high search engine page rankings.  The site loads faster than 99% of all websites on the WWW.  It has well over 250,000 words of valuable FREE  content entirely written by experts.  It is a very desirable place to have your link.

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Important – In order to be listed on these pages you must meet the following criteria:

1) You MUST place a link on a spidered page on your site such as the home page. All links will be checked once a month and if removed, you will be removed from our site forever. Our link must be visible no further than 1 click from the homepage.  Your site must have a Google Page Rank of at least 3.

Our information (relationships category if you have one):

The Positive Way (  ) Valuable free information for creating positive relationships and self development.  Quizzes, articles and much more by relationship consultants.

2) You MUST NOT be an affiliate site (such that your data comes from another sites database or you drive users to another site).

3) We will not consider three-way exchanges.  The site URL and link URL must be consistent.

4) Our site will only promote a limited number of sites in each category. This is to increase the click-thru rate for each link. We cannot therefore guarantee that your site will be listed in your preferred category.

5) Please note that robot or other automated submissions will be automatically deleted without further consideration.

Please see the listing policy page for a full list of our listing policies.

To qualify for inclusion in the directory, your site should meet the following criteria:

  • You must place a link back to us using one of our supplied links, on an indexed page no further than 1 click from the home page of the site to be listed.
  • Your site must have a Google Page Rank of at least 3.
  • You must not be an affiliate site (such that your data comes from another sites’ database or you drive users to another site).
  • Sites must contain a reasonable amount of content (i.e. adverts) to be eligible for listing.
  • To be listed under non-profit, you MUST be a governmental, educational or other not-for-profit organization.
  • Sites must be listed under their own single domain rather than a) spread across multiple domains or b) a sub-domain of a free hosting service (such as tripod, angelfire, geocities etc.)
  • Sites must provide a good user experience and not include multiple pop-ups, music, unasked for installations or pages that cannot be exited.
  • The content must be consistent with creating positive relationship and personal development.

For consideration email our webmaster with the following information:

  1. Confirm that the listing complies with the listing policy.
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  3. Your site home page URL
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