Money Advice Line

Money Advice Line
For Love and Money

Money issues are a part of many relationships.  Here is a chance to gain some insight into ways to approach even the most difficult situations, build better relationships and solve money problems.

Ask The Positive Way Money Experts. Sometimes an outside look at a situation can provide new understanding and clarity.   If you have a question that you’d like us to consider and give our opinion on, please send us a message.  We will not reveal any identities or e-mail addresses…that is absolutely confidential.

We offer no investment advice or tax as that is the realm of licensed financial advisors and professional tax specialists who also must be licensed in some jurisdictions.

Answered questions will appear on the site within 1 to 2 business days.  There may be a delay at some times and not all questions will be answered.

Go to the answers page and enter your private nickname or code into the search to find your answer.  We recommend that you go there after you post your question and bookmark the page so you can find it later.

We will post your questions and our answers on the web-site in a generic manner so your identity is protected.  We reserve the right to publish your questions and our answers anonymously unless you ask otherwise.

Your identity is always confidential.

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Money and relationship advice is offered as a free public service by the consultants from The Positive Way.  See some of the questions and answers at the answers page.